After about a year and a half of development, I feel that Nectira has “earned” a website.

There’s a lot I’d like to do with this game; that which will be a lot easier to handle through this sort of home base for development updates, and info/media pertaining to the game itself.

As I make progress, I plan to publish monthly Alpha builds of this game for those who’d like to partake of a 1/2 price Early Access Program.  This will really put a ton of momentum behind the project, giving me both valuable input and investment, as I crank out a new build of the game every month; adding as much content and zapping as many bugs as I can with each iteration.  It’ll be fun to do an article/video covering new content, for you to enjoy as the latest Alpha version of the game downloads to your PC (Mac and Linix probably won’t happen, at least not until after launch).

Aside from the news and Early Access side of things, this website will be a good place to populate with graphics, videos and articles covering all of the elements of Nectira’s game world.

Check back for new posts and updates to these pages soon!